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Boxing - Road To Champion Pro

1 usd

★★★ Boxing - Road To Champion ★★★ is a brand new Sport Game______________________________________________________________________________________________
By purchasing the pro version:★ No internet connection needed to play the game!★ No ingame commercials★ 400 Starting Gold★ 50 x Boosts★ 5 x Perks★ You can train your champion more often with your earned silver!★ Performance and gameplay experience is better (no commercials)★ You will keep your progress from the Free Version___________________________________________★ QUICK FIGHT ★Choose from over 90 different fighters, put your gloves on, step into the ring and fight a single match.★ TOURNAMENT ★Try your best in fighting in big Tournaments, from easy to legendary. Big prices with ingame money, are waiting for you! Train your own fighter well, wait for the right moment and land some hard punches, to knockout your opponents. You can also go straight with a legendary fighter in your club, on the bigger Tournaments and earn big prices!★ CAREER ★Pass the events and try to win them all to become the real champion of boxing. Experience the sensation of boxing, in big fight nights.★ CUSTOMIZATION ★Create your own fighter. Choose what suits you best from variety of skins, body types and tattoos. Choose your own height, age and country. Step into the ring, with your own custom player and show the world what you are made off.★ TUTORIAL ★Every big boxing champion, started his career in the gym! Here you will learn everything you need to know, to punch your opponents down on the ground, with hard punches, combos, rage, movement and a good defense are you prepared for the big fight events.★ STORE ★If you need a boost on the way to become the next boxing champion or just want to buy a new champion or new clothes, here you can improve your look and also your fighting stats. You can buy new clothes, abilities, boosts and perks and also some new fighters including the legendary ones.★ TRAIN ★Complete the challenges and receive ability points that you can use to become the next boxing champion.★ CLUB ★Here you can see all champions you have collected.With purchased fighters you can play on tournaments and earn gold!★ OPTIONS ★You can change the camera setup, turn the music and sound on or off, change graphic quality and turn shadow on or off.★ WATCH AND EARN ★Take a rest, of all that hard workouts and fight nights.Here you can choose from two types of commercials to watch. One will give you only in game money while other one will give something random from the store. This includes everything you can buy there including legendary fighters. You can watch these commercials as much as you want.★ BUY NOW ★This is the place where you can buy in game money. With any purchase you will receive commercial and ads free game. You will still be able to watch commercials in “Watch and Earn” part of our game. No ads will be shown during the fights!_____________________________________________________